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What is hydroelectric? What are the basics of farming without soil?

What is hydroelectric? What are the basics of farming without soil?

Hello all

 We will discuss in this article


 The basic principles that

 Hydroponics is based on a different basis
 The differences are there as well as some
 And the flaws will be all
 Covered in this article

 Before we start we want to

 say thank you

 We hope to inspire and educate all we have and if you
 Want to see more farming

 Hydroponics related videos
 to remember

 Do you like what you read in this article?

 Then wait until the end for yourself

 A copy of our ebook on the ins and outs of


 With that in mind, let's start talking


 Plants grown in water are not

 Planted in conventional soil, on the contrary

 Many other agricultural crops

 Instead the roots are immersed in

 Inorganic growth medium

 Then the nutrient-rich water is used
 plant roots

 This is the basis for any hydroponics

 You may think how a plant

 Survive and even thrive without soil
 To understand how hydroponics

 Plants grow and mature they need it
 Understand the purpose that soil serves

 In supporting the life of a single plant from

 The most important functions of the soil
 Its ability to retain water and nutrients and supply it to the roots

 from the plant

 In hydroponics, this need is overcome

 Putting the plant in an inorganic matter

 average growing

 Such as rock wool, vermiculite or rock perlite

 expanded clay substrate

 Instead it can be plants

 Put it in a simple bowl without any
 substrate or float on the water itself

 Nutritional requirements of plants

 Then met through normal applications

 root zone nourishing solution
the plant
 Beginners can easily get confused and

 Overwhelmed with all the differences

 hydroponics method

 So let's take a look at the difference
 Hydroponics apps that you can try


 One of the nutrient film techniques in this


 Plants are placed in an inclined hollow

 tubes or ducts
 The feed water is continuously pumped

 Through the canals on the root

 the system

 There is no need for further growth

 Medium like vermiculite or rockwell

 nft is a closed system

 Recycles water all over

 channels by first pumping them to

 The upper or upper ends of the channels

 which then flows down the slope

 2. This wick systems are one of

 The simplest water settings

 Perfect for beginners

 Nutrient-rich water tank

 It is placed under the plants

 There is a fuse extending from

 Average growth down to


 Water moves through the action of capillaries

 From tank to growth

 Medium and keeps the roots nourished and


 Little specialized equipment is needed

 For this design it is very easy

 DIY with some rope buckets and a digger

 Three urban flow also known as flood

 and exchange system

 The plants included in the growing medium are

 Placed on a full tank

 nourishing water

 The pump pumps water periodically
 In the section containing plants

 Then the pump is turned off and
 The water gradually flows back in


  This is another simple method and

Apart from the pump and tubes a bit

 Expert equipment is required for success

 Four deep water culture here plants

 Place in pots with growing media or

 Lightweight lids float on
Surface of the water

 Then the roots of the plant grow in

  water pump oxygen powered on water

 Keep the roots healthy but apart from

 who - which

 This does not require any other machining

 Makes a deep water culture system

 Great for beginners or DIY

 5 drip systems projects

 This technique uses drip lines

 A pump that transfers water from

 Primary reservoir in growth

 The media that encapsulates the above plants

 The drip device is usually customized for
 Each plant allows a fine

 Adjust nutrient concentrations and

 irrigation intensity
 Water can be recycled which saves
 time and money

 Or it can be withdrawn from the system

 Which maintains optimum nutrients

 concentrations in tank

 6. Aeroponics here are hanging plants

 In the air vertically or horizontally

 Then the pump is pumped

 Nutrient media for roots
 Plants at specific time intervals or on


 Depending on the needs of this plant

 It is a more advanced system that requires


 Nebulizers and timers are among other equipment
It should only be considered by an expert

 Farmers to do the investment



 Regardless of the type of hydroponics system

 you have to decide

 You will always have to consider

 Advantages and disadvantages in front of you

 start production

 Let's start with the positives


 Hydroponic plant cultivation

 First you can prepare hydroponics

 Big or small operation
 Almost anywhere because there is no soil


 You can grow a large number of
 Even the plants indoors

 You can maximize your return because

 The roots of aquatic plants are

 keep compressed

 This is possible because when they are
 Supplied with the perfect amount of

 water and nutrients

 Roots do not need to grow in search of
 More will also be free of

 The limitations of poor soil conditions and

 Environmental pollutants allow you

 You grow almost any herb or leafy vegetable


 Money saved on water and nutrients

 Input is another feature offered on
 hydroponics farmers


 In traditional agriculture most

 Water and nutrients are applied to

 Plants are lost through the runoff

 and evaporation

 In hydroponics, this problem is overcome

 By applying only the exact amount of

 Water and nutrients that plants need

 Savings are improved in

 Hydroponic circulatory systems such as

 The same water is pumped through the system

 Hydroponic systems also allow you to

 Overcoming its limitations

 change of season

 Climate control systems allow
 cultivators to adjust the temperature and

 lighting to suit their needs

 the plants


 This could open up the possibility


 Off-season crop production
 This ensures that you get a premium
 To harvest and reduce the need for it

 Expensive and polluting internationally
 Air Freight

 Climate control means that too
 Plants grow faster

 Because you can change the environment

 Conditions as needed plants can

 always with the best

 growth conditions

 Soil deficiency will also eliminate any

 Soil borne diseases or weed infestations

 If this problem is solved then the money
 Spend on the usual control methods will

 not longer
 Requires work and time spent
 It will alleviate pest and weed problems
 Also can be removed

 These savings can be reinvested

 In expanding production or it will do

 Leads to improved profit margins

 Moreover the plants will be less

 susceptible to soil-borne pathogens and

 You don't need to compete with weeds

 water or nutrients

 Finally you will be able to change crops

 Or items easily and quickly if

 Market demand fluctuates away from or

 towards some products

 So you will be able to keep up to date with consumer and meat trends
 Demands when they appear
It is easy to see why hydroponics

 A favorite among commercial growers and
 amateurs like

 But there are some obstacles that

 Every farmer needs to consider before


 While a small backyard setting might not be the same

 Too expensive

 Costs of starting a commercial

 Hydroponics will be expensive

 So you will need to make sure

 That you have a solid business plan and

 Emergency in an unexpected situation


 This may be a barrier for small scale

 Farmers who can not afford the initial

 Invest or approve

 Necessary loans

 related to construction expenses

 Hydroponics production

 You will need experience and

 Experience required for commercial advertising

 Create success
 You don't want to waste money on


 Mistakes and accidents that can happen


 It is easily prevented by using the correct



 This is not a problem for amateurs


 Like making mistakes and learning from them

 It's all part of hydroponics


 Finally, this is especially true for

 Large electric powered systems


 The danger posed by electricity and water


 A power outage is a big thing
 Because plant roots are not

 anchored in the water

 Prolonged soil without water or

 Nutrient applications will be

 Destructive and lead to large scale




 So it is wise to invest in it


 Generators and wells if you are a commercial farmer


 In conclusion, there are many benefits


 To grow your plants in water

 If you are interested in starting a file

 A small operation in the backyard and then done

 Do not hesitate however, if you are looking to achieve great results or
 Expand your production
 More time and thought will be needed

 Business strategy development
A budget and a contingency plan in front of you

 Take that leap

 Thanks to everyone who made it


 At the end of this article we hope you learned something new and enjoyed it




 Thank you for following and we will meet in new topics soon, God willing.

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