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Increasing the economy during the covid-19 pandemic

Increasing the economy during the covid-19 pandemic

Countries have gone through a difficult economic situation in this pandemic that is sweeping the world . Predicting the economic consequences of COVID-19 is a futile task. We do not know how quickly economic activities will resume, and we cannot yet quantify the damage caused by the reduction in global demand and supply. There are many things that the state must do to increase its investment and economy again , because if there is no strong economy and investment, the country will not be able to stand in front of the large economic countries again.

There are many measures that the state can take in light of this pandemic, the most important of which is that the state must prioritize the resumption of economic growth again in 2021, and to achieve this thing, countries must raise the tax rate, and the state must also reduce the level of its spending, and governments must focus In public investments aimed at the development and growth of productivity . Even before the pandemic, global investment was weak for ten years, despite dilapidated roads and bridges in some advanced economies and the enormous needs for infrastructure in the areas of transportation, clean water, sanitation and other areas in most emerging and developing economies. And investment is currently an urgent need in sectors that play a vital role in controlling the epidemic, such as health care, schools, safe buildings, safe transportation, and digital infrastructure. And low interest rates globally are an indication that it is time to invest. Savings are abundant, the private sector is on hold, and many people are unemployed and able to fill the jobs created by public investment. In many countries, the time is right for high quality public investment in priority projects. Public investment can play a pivotal role in the recovery . The Kingdom of Bahrain has the necessary ingredients and experience to understand the needs and attract local or international investors. Investment is one of the most important things to achieve the vision of  economic, which its goal to improve the competitiveness, of the national economy. Bahrain is committ to providing and enhancing the advantage it already possesses in order to become the most attractive business and investment center in the Middle East. Bahrain offers a number of major and attractive advantages to the business and investment sector in the region such as : A strategic location in the heart of the Arabian Gulf region, which makes access and entry into any market in the Middle East easy. Bahrain is a major center for transit business after the opening of the Khalifa Bin Salman Maritime Port in April 2009. In addition to the freedom to transfer capital, the Kingdom of Bahrain also allows foreigners to own commercial and real estate assets in most economic sectors, which distinguishes the Kingdom from all other countries in the region, and all these things Make Bahrain a special place to attract foreign investors in light of this pandemic . 

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