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Standard affordability criteria are now "unachievable" due to rising car expenses.

Standard affordability criteria are now "unachievable" due to rising car expenses.

Standard affordability criteria are now "unachievable" due to rising car expenses

.Experts offer advice on how to reduce monthly auto payment

It is getting harder and harder to depend on many of the conventional rules of thumb used to calculate how much you can afford in auto payments as automobile costs and payments skyrocket

In a phone interview with Yahoo Financial Canada, Saijal Patel, the founder and CEO of personal finance company Saij Elle, said: "We have so many people relying on  rules of thumb and it's impossible to apply them

Using them is risky in my opinion since you have to consider everything in its overall context

The general consensus in the personal finance community is that your total vehicle expenses, including the loan payment, gas, and insurance, should be between 10% and 15% of your gross income

The 20/4/10 technique is another prevalent affordability guideline when purchasing a vehicle. It advises making a minimum 20% down payment, getting a loan for no more than four years, and keeping your monthly payments to 10% or less of your gross income

To evaluate affordability, nevertheless, Patel argues that a more thorough examination of a person's financial condition is necessary because the reality of purchase pricing and ownership costs frequently exceeds those guidelines

She declared, "I would never give someone advice about a car without first fully understanding their overall income, expense picture, and all the other goals and necessities

Rule of thumbs, in my opinion, are 9/10 ineffective. Because every situation is unique and when there are multiple priorities competing for a limited amount of resources, you must first plan

comparison website for personal finances Canadians, according to, often pay between $400 and $800 per month for their average automobile. The typical monthly payment is more on the higher end of the range for new cars in particular. When you add up the prices of gas, insurance, and maintenance and repairs, the figure quickly exceeds the established standards for car affordability

Patel gives the example of a vehicle purchase for $45,000 plus taxes and a 20% down payment. At 3% interest, a four-year loan would cost $940 each month. The monthly cost of that vehicle would be $1,440 after deducting $500 for insurance, gas, and maintenance.With a $72,000 yearly wage, or $4,273 per month after taxes, the car would account for 34% of the average person's monthly income

"Those are actual figures. Additionally, you need to save money for retirement as well as pay rent and buy food. How can you therefore address those needs?" said Patel

She claims that in order to determine how much money is left over to potentially donate toward a car, she would encourage clients to add up their fixed monthly expenses and net monthly income


How to reduce auto loan payments

It "isn't the worst thing in the world," according to Patel, especially if the automobile is a necessity, for buyers to think about saving up a larger down payment or extending the car loan beyond the four-year maximum

Patel advises customers to study the small print when a dealership offers promotional financing, such as 0% financing or no payments for a certain period of time

It is possible to find superfluous extra features, additional costs, and a better understanding of the interest rate being charged by reading the small print on dealer financing alternatives

"Dealers are using innovative strategies in an effort to draw in new clients, and one well-liked strategy is the 0% financing promotion. Generally speaking, interest-free loans are not a good choice if you are frequently late with payments, constantly juggling obligations, or lack the extra cash to pay off higher-interest debt, according to Romana King, senior finance editor at Finder

A financing promotion may make sense for people who regularly pay their bills on time and have a plan for promptly repaying debts, the expert continues

For the sake of avoiding high interest rates (and maintaining lower monthly payments), she advised, "just be sure you've done the math and you're confident you can return the loan, or a significant amount of the loan, within the promotional time

King also advises arranging finance ahead of time rather than attempting to haggle with the dealer over both the car's price and the terms of the credit

Additionally, buyers might look for car models that may no longer be in demand

"Despite the recent shortage of inventories, certain makes and models inevitably lose popularity. You can purchase these outmoded models for a lower price if you're not tied to one or two makes or models "She spoke

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