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 the best company in the universe  from apple view

the best company in the universe from apple view


This  article about the best ways to Marketing in the  Universe it's t same opinion as Apple company and that's what Steve Jobs TALK about I hope that for article push up your talk marketing company if you have the product and the need

That's me marketing it's about Values it's a very complicated world it's a very noisy Ward a

 winner winner winner marketing about this product

 when I can get the chance the people remember Match us  no companies so we have to be very clear at what we want to know About us now awful fortunately it's a one about 6 company around the whole world with a company like Nike Disney Coca-Cola Sony Pizza one Itza one from grace and grace  not at does turmeric help butts around the world and we can Agway to Browns we can Need the dust mint it's Ken and Kelly it's Ken

 and Z Apple brands has it clearly Sapphire from the clacked 

And we need 

And way that do that it's not about Speed and envies it's not that talk about and MHz it's not about  why we we better then the windows the combining of tried to 20 years The milk is good for you real lawyer butts they try anyway Versailles like this the milk and made you to get the milk and It's not about to get the milk, in fact, they focus off products but the best example in the world one of the greatest types of marketing a few users company like Nike or Nike sell   the product need from people they sell shoes And when we think about  a difference off the shoes of company Nike we feel about you know in there marketing And no they don't talk about

 they  cheer Then The Great Royal this is a Royale about what day believe about the company Apple, unfortunately, they paid a lot of money you don't imagination about how much that and never know

Please write a comment and subscribe to arrive to you a lot of articles in English and they're all lots of articles in Arabic I hope that to bring you Toby a good person thank you for writing this article and see you later Insha'Allah 


comments (2)
ام احمد

2022-09-08 17:12:54

Amr badinjki

2022-09-08 21:18:40

إن شاء الله سنستمر بالنشر
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