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.Your Business plan part one

.Your Business plan part one

Come, let us know how to do the business plan in a professional and organized manner so that we can then follow it and walk it and adjust it in the right part and at the right time in order to prevent possible losses and achieve a satisfactory result ... For the record, anyone who thinks I would say 1 + 1 = 2 while it is implemented is wrong and the best He saves his time and does not follow up on upcoming posts because the business plan differs from one project to another and from one person to another, and we will see this during our discussion. As for the one who will follow up unconditionally or without restriction :) I will try to make the topic interesting in relation as much as I can. And think of the proverb that says don't give me a fish, but teach me how Catch it... Let's go hunting :)
Types of business plans: 1- Completed business plan: It can take two months and sometimes 3 months to see its final form. 2- Quick business plan: If you have enough experience in your project, you can do it in one day. 3- A customized business plan: What does it mean? I mean, this is the one in which you focus on the parts that you are strong in, so that it turns out that you know about your business and are able to manage it so that the one who reads your Business Plan appreciates your capabilities and experience, not just that. In the business, or in other words (assure him of his money and invest it with you) and this topic of experience and capabilities I will understand you for a while, and I will let each one of you take tests that show his capabilities and abilities, and most of you will be surprised at how he did not know this about himself and how long ago he did not use his skills :). • Whatever the type of action plan is, it is done in order to adjust. What is the Qur'an? That is why it is called a plan, meaning anticipation, analysis, thinking, management, and the success of implementation depends on the success of our Lord and the good follow-up of the plan. What is the importance of a business plan? - You have an idea and want to convince the investor who is looking for a project to enter into that your project or idea is the most suitable for him and the one that will bring him the profit that he is striving for. - Your business makes good profits and you don't see it tomorrow... meaning you don't know how to grow it, how or in which direction, or suddenly you are afraid of losing what you have reached because you don't know what the next step is. You have an existing business and you need a financier or partner to grow, especially if your business is stable. - You have an amount and you want to invest it in a project, but I cannot find anyone to convince you, or if I convince you, you will feel that it is all sweet talk, and it may show you the benefits and hide the risks. Here remains the action plan showing the expected gains, losses and risks, with figures as well, so you can see the picture from above, and this will make it easier for you to calculate it and make your decision and you will not be lost, for example, when someone offers you a project to fill vinegar to be used in food and you know that a ton of raw vinegar when it is diluted with water makes 21 tons of ready-made vinegar For use, that means you will get 20 times what you paid for the raw material. Of course, it is tempting, but when the work plan that includes information about the product shows you that the percentage of bacteria should not exceed a certain percentage, this will ring a bell in your brain, so you ask and if you skip what will happen then? Possibly the answer is what determines your decision. Is the damage that will happen to the project, problems, issues and compensation due to a mistake that might happen, is it worth the risk of the investment? Explain that? 
• What is a business plan? The Business Plan is the one that describes and analyzes the project and gives detailed expectations about the future of this project (and take a quantum of this detail). Rather, it covers the financial aspects of starting or expanding a project, how much the project needs to start and how the project will return the invested amount or the so-called “return on investment or the (ROI). So why do we make a business plan and what is its importance? We need to make a business plan for the following reasons: First: The business plan will help you attract investors to implement your idea or help you expand your project.

Second: The business plan will help you determine and make your decision to stop the project and not continue: because the business plan shows you how your project will gain and where, and it will show you the strength or weakness of the principle on which your project was based (I will explain to you what the principle of the project is at the next point along) and you, as a project owner, are more important There is one in it, and you must be convinced of the strength of your idea, so you continue, or you are not convinced, so you stand up. He is someone who laughs at himself and puts money in a need that he is not convinced of, and you know that he will lose? Of course, not, but the one who does this does not know the business plan, so it will be explained to you, so you will see the picture clearer, and you can make your decision early and save yourself and the investors or the loss partners. It is worth noting that many people who own successful projects, the reason for their success was to make the right decisions early.
Third: The business plan will help you improve and develop the business principle, which is what remains? Look, sir, I will explain to you at length An example of the importance of a business plan You have an import office, you were importing a product with dirt cheap from Sudan, because the Egyptian pound is in the form of Sudanese pounds, just like that, you come to sell the product in Egypt at the same price as the similar product manufactured locally in Egypt, so you earn more than the one who makes the local product because the currency difference is in your favor in addition to the price low product in Sudan, So, after the Sudanese pound remained at 3 Egyptian pounds in the economic leap achieved by oil there? Of course, you will not be able to get the product for the equivalent of 3 pounds from there and sell it at the price of the local product, even if the price of the product there is lower, because the difference in the exchange rate of the currency eliminated any profit at that time you will begin to develop the principle of work, which is importing the product to exporting it, because if the local product is sold there at the same price, you will earn because of the currency difference. Profit, in both cases your plan is that you import a specific product from a specific country. You must change the way the product is dealt with from import to export, or it will change the place from which you import the product..

Fourth: The business plan will help improve the chances of the success of your project, and did you not forget that trading is risky? Fifthly: The business plan will help you go on the right path. What I am going to say is understood by those who have a business already in place, especially when you open your project, you will remain in front of you and your self will grow and your profit will increase. You don’t know how, but you have a goal or a dream, and you are working and facing problems that arise from under strange and not done Most of the time, these problems need you to take decisions in order to solve them, and from problem to problem and decision behind a decision, you find yourself going to another track other than what I was drawing for your project. Expenses!!! Allah? It is you, you were a project worker and you are making an effort beyond your capacity so that it does not close and pay its expenses only.
Haaaam: It is necessary and necessary for any project to have an accounting system, even if it is very simple, that contains at least a Balance Sheet, which is a financial center that shows what you have and what you have to do (possible by appointing an accountant or assuming the task to an accounting office) to this point and I will stand up so that I will not tell you the information Or in words, people are confused and people are bored. The next article will answer this question with you: Do you really want to start your own business? Think about it, everyone will do a self-evaluation for themselves, and the manager inside him will come out while answering this question. I'll tell you, ah, regret. Isn't it you who will remain the owner of the project? Will you answer someone who will manage you too, even when you are the owner of the project? You took dependence, and if you have a manager and salvation, or what? Wake up, regret, you will remain the Big Boss 
Information about the walker: Did you know that outside Egypt, about 35-40% of the people who open small or medium projects do not know how the money will enter them, and where, I mean, in my country, the project opens and puts the goods, and more important than the shisha goods and the stone stack (I swear to God, I saw with my own eyes the owner of the hookah factory is essential in his office and can dispense with The secretary does not dispense with the shisha) and says, “O facilitator, if the project happened to him and he needs money, he doesn’t know how to get him from where, imagine we have in Egypt this ratio, how many can it be???” I don't even have an estimate of the ratio, but I think from the reality of what I have seen that all small and medium enterprises are blessed with a word, Lord, without doing the business plan and of course (to be sure... God is the Sustainer of sustenance from where we do not count good in His hand and He is over all things) 
It brings sustenance, meaning you work until your eyes rise, and your salary increases, and your needs are sufficient for you and your home.

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